Monday, 23 August 2010

Art events from 25-8-10 from Richard Martin

dear art pops

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PV= art opening show party - all welcome no invitations needed

6.30 pm FREE talk and film presentations at NEHRU CENTRE 8 south audley st w1 Lifting the curtain- indo- british collaboration in cinema in uk 1902 to 1929
this could be very interesting - such a hospitable and beautiful location - you meet such interesting pops here

PV 6.30-9.30 TOPOLSKI CENTURY GALLERY 150 hungerford arches south bank london se1 8xu EXHIBITION - FACES - the 21ST CENTURY - GROUP SHOW IN NEWLY REFURBISHED GALLERY SPACE - plus work FROM PERMANENT DISPLAY OF felix TOPOLSKI [1907- 1989] prolific draughtsman - 600 foot mural in gallery situ depicting 20c life this should be very interesting - i have not been here for years

PV 6-8 PM BUT THIS MAY BE AN INVITATION ONLY EVENT - so probably not [necessarily] open to all
HAUNCH OF VENISON GALLERY 6 Burlington gardens w1 DAYDREAMING - GROUP SHOW WITH JAMES LAVELLE - show runs from 27.8.10 to 30.8.10 best to rsvp for pv or just see the show later - it sounds very intriguing

ON FRIDAY 27-8-10
themed evening-
RETRO HOLLYWOOD circa 1950s with Grace Kelly - Alfred Hiitchcock - Marilyn Monroe
free displays - projections - performances - workshops

ALSO FRIDAY AT 21.30 free performance at tate modern turbine hall of of renowned brit dancer choreographer MICHAEL CLARK and troup of 80 dancers [from members of public ] also saturday at 21.30 sunday and monday at 17.30

1PM TO 7.30 PM NATIONAL THEATRE SOUTH BANK SE1 FREE ALTERNATIVE VILLAGE FETE -free events and performances and interesting craft stalls see also on Sunday 1pm -4 pm

ON MONDAY 30.8.10
5.30 PM free talk at NEHRU CENTRE 8 south audley st w1 - MAYAPUR - - LARGEST temple in the world - temple of vedic planatarium

ON TUESDAY 31.8.10
6.15 PM PV exhibition of posters NEHRU CENTRE 8 South audley st w1 - plus indian poetry night

PV 6-8 PM SADIE COLES GALLERY 69 South audley st w1 GREGOR SCHNEIDER - very good artist - i like his work - i may get here early photography and sculpture
PV 6-9PM GUILLOCHON GALLERY unit 34 putney exchange putney high st sw15 1tw
MOVING STILL - GROUPSHOW includes - DARREN COFFIELD - OONA GRIMES- ALEX HAMILTON-- LEE MAELZER - NICK MEAD - THOMAS KILPER - i shall go to this -lotsofgoodartists/pops here

PV 6-8PM WILKINSON GALLERY 50 VYNER ST E2 group show - i think i will go here
group show - i like this gallery - they have exciting work here
pv 6-9 pm FOREMANS SMOKEHOUSE stour road fish island e3 2nt - group abstract painting show in beautiful gallery space overlooking olympic stadium HACKNEY
6-9PM FIRST THURSDAY - Massive east end galleries late night openings see for details

ON FRIDAY 3-9-10
6-9.30 LATE NIGHT at tate britain millbank sw1

check out GREAT ART WEB SITE [60,000 subscribers] i have written a few art reviews for them in last few weeks - check them out

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for personal careers and temperament profile see Australian government devised selfhelp pschological profile - its very accurate
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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Art events from 16.8.10 from Richard Martin

Dear artpops

To view in pictures and videos recent art show adventures in the London Art scene see - for those who are having trouble getting my e mails because of spam filters -you can get all the listings on
pv= art opening show party - all welcome no invitations needed

ON MONDAY 16-8-10
pv 6.30-8 pm Menier gallery 51 Southwark st e1 Group photography show - EXCALIBUR FINE ART present- ABOVE AND BELOW - landscape and underwater/seascape photos by IAN CLARKE and Michael Gerken contact
i may take a look in at this early on

ON TUESDAY 17-8-10
pv 6.30- 9.30pm A and D GALLERY 51 Chiltern st w1 LITTLE WONDER - show of major artists - prints and ephemera - Andy Warhol - Jasper Johns - David Hockney - Jenny Holzer etc i shall be here - the gallerists here are really great - i buy lots of art presents here [ some for myself - in fact mostly for myself] - i bought a great jasper johns - double picasso head print 1972 - for a bargain price recently

pv 6-8 pm Orange Dot gallery 54 Tavistock Place wc1h 9rg
Lost Villages - Sam Seager - photographic images of Japanese village life in remote locations -
this sounds interesting show - i hope to take a look in here

pv 6.30-9 pm Dream Space gallery 1-3 Dufferin st ec1y 8na BEHIND THE LINES - photographic portraits of poets i may go here - it looks a beautiful gallery space

pv 6-9pm coningsby gallery 30 tottenham st w1 DECKED group show of designers skateboard designs on skateboards - [good way to brake a leg] should be an eclectic show - with a passing nod to ethnographic tribal art me thinks

pv 6-8 pm AOP GALLERY -ASSOCIATION OF PHOTOGRAPHERS 81 leonard st ec2 open competition photography show

pv 6.30 to 10 pm ART at 42 gallery 42 Pembridge st Nottinh Hill w11 3hn POET artist Michael Horovitz GRAPHICS / POEMS rsvp to simon godley Michael is a lovely guy and a wonderful poetry galviniser - it's a pity he recently came only second in the oxford university poet post -

pv 6-8 pm [but unconfirmed so dont blame me if wrong] KINGS PLACE galleries 90 york way n1 9ag
Anthony Whishaw - Large paintings - Images on the edge of perception- very good 80 year old RA painter - i have really liked his paintings over the years - so will be going to this - the show proper starts friday so am guessing the pv is thursday
Also Art from Cape Farewll - leading artist's responces to climate change [the future looks grim climate /earth ecology wise but hey my operative words are -hay and shine]

ON FRIDAY 20.8.10
launch party PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL 2010 at Portobello Pop-up Cinema 3 ackham road w10 5ty
6-9 PM LATE NIGHT opening at National Gallery Trafalgar SQUARE see FAKES AND FORGERIES SHOW for free - plus free music events

3-5 PM London Biennale art group and David Medalla -picnic and art debate- on the lawn in front of TATE MODERN bankside - CUT / UNCUT debate on - hazards, perils and perplexities of contemporary life and art - bring your own refreshments - The London Biennale art group is a uniquely democratic art group - anyone can join and be an art biennale artist - come and find out more at the picnic - David Medalla is one of my all time art pop favourites - he is an inspiring communicator
[for early birds-starting off early at 1pm taking a look in at William Blakes coloured etchings at TATE BRITAIN then at 2 pm taking Tate ferry boat to Tate Modern down the river ]

PV 6-9 PM Model Gardeners gallery 74 Brighton road stoke newington n16 beg
MATT WESTBROOK - Perpetual Stew - stew as a metaphor for art - artist will be serving lamb stew at pv - as well as his art concoctions and chatting about fatherhood - making things and Bruce Nauman -a heady mix

pv 6-9 pm FLOOR TEN GALLERY 42 warren house bromley high st e3 3hb - tube bow road
new work by Richard and michael Whitby

ON SUNDAY 22-8-10
1-7 PM OPEN STUDIO of multi media -artist Herve Constant - studio 29 -10 Martello st e8 [ also on saturday 21-8-10 1-7pm ] an alladins cave of powerful work - i have got a beautiful painting in oil and encaustic by Herve entitled - myth of sisyphus
Herve has very hospitable openings and film nights check his web site

ON MONDAY 23-8-10
6-8 PM artists talk and catalogue launch at JERWOOD ART SPACE 171 UNION ST SE1 0LN - i will go to this - current show - LOCATE - group show on theme of 'site"

ON TUESDAY 24-8-10
pv 6-8 pm Marlborough gallery 6 albermarle st w1 Caroline Walker - paintings it may be best to rsvp by e mail or phone - for an invite

Croatian Susak Art Biennale Expo 2010 23-29 august 2010
FAMILY - group art show - artists collaborations with their kids - curated by Cedric Christie and Vanya Balogh
private view 28 august 2pm see lots of artpops famous and not so famous including me [ and my son Lewis] - do collaborative art works with their offspring - check out the web site-
wish i could get to this show on the beautiful car free Croatian island of Susak

The best art web site for art news is
BEN LEWIS the Art safari arts tv broadcaster has written a great article on the future of art -as has HANS OBRIST serpentine gallery director - he asked artists to do - one line quotes - on the future - which are gems - DAMIEN hirst - said - "the future is without us" - also i have been doing the occasional article for them - which has been a great challenge and learning curve
- you can sign up for free- lots of daily art news hot off the press - and ongoing competitions -
Mark Westall - is interested in selling on line and elsewhere artpop artists editions - which is food for artpop thought - check out the web site - new ideas welcome

ARTPOPS new websites
BARBARA DELANEY abstract art par excellence - particularly love the drawings
CHRIS MENDOZA - usa new york ,mural street artist par excellence - i have bought one of his drawings - we met at BASEL art fair

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cheers richard

Sunday, 1 August 2010

art events from 2-8-10 from Richard Martin

Dear art pops

alot of my e mails are not reaching people owing to spam filters - but you can pick up all my listings on without having to get an e mail
pv= art opening party - all welcome no invitations needed

ON MONDAY 2-8-10
PV 6-8pm Coningsby gallery 30 tottenham st w1 GROUP SHOW OF 5 KOREAN women ARTISTS - i shall go to this

PV 5-9PM CRYPT GALLERY st pancras church euston Paul Hiles - A PASSION FOR LONDON - famous views of london this is an interestingly edgar allan poe gothic style gallery in the church crypt - best to rsvp the lovely curator laura on -drinks donation - i hope to get to this
PV 7-9 PM AUSTRIAN CULTURAL FORUM 28 RUTLAND GATE SW7 1PQ - group show of young austrian artists - i think i will go to this

PV 6.30 - 9 PM Salon summer show 82 WESTBOURNE GROVE W2 5RT pick of recent art school graduates who could be art stars of the future - i think i will go to this

PV 6-9PM TENDERPIXEL GALLERY 10 CECIL COURT WC2 Sunshine Frere - the circadian politics of memory - work about the politics of memory and self monitoring i shall be here at 6 pm - this is a great gallery situated in the famous second hand bookshop road - they curate some excellent shows here - and have a lovely team of young art interns from various corners of the globe working here- i bought a piece of sculpture at the last show which was made from forged together colour pencils by Jang Oh Hong [ check out his work on the web site]-a very strong korean artist - there is a great shop attached to the gallery that sells art editions and design works that are both quality and good value
6-9 pm FIRST THURSDAY mammoth late night opening of east end galleries
best roads are vyner st e2 and redchurch st e2
pv 6-9pm studio 1:1 57a redchurch st e2
pv 6-9 pm aubin gallery 64 redchurch st e2
pv 6-9 pm nolias gallery 44 redchurch st e2
pv 6-9 pm fred gallery 45 vyner st e2 nigerian artist Adeniyi Olagunji - looks good work - not sure of the pv date tho - check with gallery first
PV 6-8.3 PM victor wynd gallery 11 mare st e2 - the little theatre of dolls - this is a great gallery - shop - museum - and performance theatre combined - i have bought lots of great stuff from here - for less than a tenner
6-9 pm ROCKET GALLERY tea building 56 shoreditch high st e2 artists screenprints from 60s 70s and 80s on sale at trade price i may look in here
7-10 pm pv RESIDENCE GALLERY 229 Victoria park road e9 7hd
5th year anniversary show - exhibition and auction - can it really be 5 years - i must try and get down here for this one and take my mini - video camera with me - there is always a fine artistic carry on here to amalgamate with- the gallerist ingrid is a gem as is the gallery space

ON FRIDAY 6-8-10
6-9.00 PM TATE LATE - late night at tate britain millbank THE LOVERS THE DREAMERS AND ME - midsummers music art high jinx and performances
6-9 PM also late night at NATIONAL GALLERY trafalgar square wc1
6-9 pm late night at portrait gallery

at the weekend i am having a reunion with my 4 old student flatmates from 57 knollys road sw16 circa 1973-75 up north so will do next weeks stuff as well in case i dont have time

ON MONDAY 9-8-10
pv 6.15 pm NEHRU CENTRE 8 South audley st w1 - photographic show - i shall go to this - there are a lot of interesting free indian music and dance events on here check out the web site

ON TUESDAY 10-8-10
PV 6-8 PM FLOWERS GALLERY 21 CORK ST W1 because we are all small - group show i went to their east end gallery show last saturday where there is a good summer show on - its worth the visit
pv 6.30 - 8.30 JERWOOD GALLERY 171 UNION ST SE1 group show

PV 6-8 PM KARSTEN SCHUBERT GALLERY 5-8 LOWER JOHN ST W1 - this is a superb gallery with great shows i shall go to this
3 artist show - bridget riley - nicholas hatful - daniel von sturmer
PV 6.30- 8.30 CRYPT GALLERY st pancras church euston charlie pi and guest artists - works on paper

PV 6-9 PM SIGNAL GALLERY 96 curtain road ec2 BEYOND PUNK group show referencing punkishness
pv 6-8 pm stolen space gallery dray walk truman brewery 91 brick lane e1 SYSTEM COLLAPSE - BY ZOSEN - barcelona artist - looks interesting
6-8 PM SPACE PV 129 MARE ST E8 3RU,uk/

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cheers richard martin