Saturday, 26 June 2010

art events from 27-6-10 from Richard Martin

dear art pops

you can catch up on my recent art adventures in ART BASEL [ i got back on 21-6-10]and also from last weeks london gallery openings by looking in at my photos on - as a bit of fun i have decided to take my camera around with me to gallery events - its a learning curve as i had only used the camera once about 4 years ago and have since lost the instructions - its very trial and error -i am also going to write spiels about Art in Basel and ART IN London for the fadwebsite so keep a look out -Huge numbers of people on my bulk e mail list are not getting my artpops newslettter due to spam filters- but you can always get my artpops art information on my website or google- artpopsartpops or google- richard martin artpops if you forget the website address pv= art show opening party - all welcome no invitations needed

ON SUNDAY 27-6-10
at 12pm picnic and poetry -A Gallows to Tyburn - MICalef AND Marco Vaubert de Chantilly perform at MARBLE ARCH - on the traffic island edgeware road side - bring a picnic and dont get strung up just relax and get to it
from 2.30 pm I am told that you can watch the world cup match - england v germany in artistic surroundings for free at PHILLIPS DE PURY auction house howick place victoria sw1 - with beer and sausages - the current art shows there are excellent particularly the Italian art show on the ground floor but catch them quick as the auction is in a few days -on sunday i am going to my wifes anaesthetic hospital consultants summer bbq [ plenty of nitrus oxide available there so i expect there will be plenty of laughs]
1-7 pm ARTISTS ANIMAL ART PARADE EXTAVAGANZA - camberwell green - the green camberwell road se5 lots of my best art buddies involved - see

ON MONDAY 28-6-10
SOTHEBYS AND CHRISTIES CONTEMPORARY ART AUCTIONs last chance to view works before auction bond st w1 king st w1

ON TUESDAY 29-6-10
PV 6.30 -9 pm AICON GALLERY 8 heddon st w1 - a missing history - the other story - GROUP SHOW - includes David Medalla i may get here late
pv 6-8 pm ENGLAND AND CO 216 westbourne grove w11 2rh Talking of Yves - artists pay homage to the great french artist YVES KLEIN[1928- 1962] famous for his monochrome paintings ,his use of naked women as paint brushes ,painting with fire, throwing gold leave into the river Seine as an art work, his leap into the void photo piece [ he could leap from tall buildings and land unharmed because of his judo black belt skills] his invention and patenting of a colour - international klein blue- you can watch a clip of him painting with naked women on
show includes Tina Keane AND Susan Hiller and Yves Klein this should be great - i am going to this
pv 6-8.30 CHELSEA SPACE 16 john islip st sw1 - at chelsea art college next to tate britain [ lovely art space] NEAL WHITE - FIELD WORKS from the museum of the void - references remote spaces- time and - robert smithsons spiral jetty - i like the sound of this - will go to see
6-9 pm MUSE GALLERY 269 portobello rd w11 group show party

PV 6-8.30 CALVERT22 GALLERY 22 calvert ave shoreditch e2 7jp OLGA CERNYSHEVA - russian artist of great distinction - this is a superb art space dedicated to russian and east european art - i will be here at 6 briefly before moving on
PV 6-9 PM STARDUST BOOGIE WOOGIE at MONIKA BOBINSKA gallery 242 cambridge heath rd e2 9da group show curated by lovely artpop FRANCESCA PIOVANO - includes BOB and ROBERTA SMITH jessica voorsanger JANE MULFINGER - readings at 7 pm from MO FOSTER book of soho narrative BLUES FOR SHINDIG this should be a wonderful evening of art shindig -[ also on sunday 4-7-10 shindig party here 5-7 pm ]
i will be at this

vyner street e2 always a good bet with a large concentration of galleries - free tour bus available
pv 6-10 pm ELASTIC RESIDENCES 22 parfett st e1 SOLD OUT - group show of artists -with performance by martin creed and his band - in aid of palistinian child relief - and elastic arts organisation - silent auction of art works - beautiful gallery in private home owned by the lovely artists Deej and Simeon
see i shall be here later
pv 6-8 pm FLOWERS EAST gallery 82 kingsland road e2 8dp group show large and beautiful art space
pv 6-8 pm ROCKET GALLERY tea building 56 shoreditch high st e1
JENS RISOM - furniture
pv 7-9 pm ZABLUDOWICZ COLLECTION 176 GALLERY 176 prince of wales road nw5 3pt
SYSTEMATIC - group show of 8 international artists in this superb space in a huge old church - they have great shows here with lots of great events
i will go here at the weekend

FRIDAY 2-7-10
PV 6.30 -8.30 WILKINSON GALLERY 50 vyner st e2 9dq ROOM DIVIDER group show of 11 artists curated by MICHAEL BRACEWELL includes TIM HEAD RICHARD HAMILTON PET SHOP BOYS this should be very interesting
pv 6-9 pm DANIELLE ARNAUD gallery 123 kennington road se11 near war museum
SO THAT I MAY COME BACK - group show includes OONA GRIMES TONYGRISONI william cobbing one of my favourite artspaces in a beautiful private house with fabulous garden space - i shall be here this should be great

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cheers richard