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free art events from 29-3-10 from richard

dear art pops
here are some extra events for this week which i omitted previously plus next weeks events- pv= art show opening party - all welcome no invitations needed
my website for previously listed events is

ON MONDAY 29-3-10
7-9pm free film night at ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART kensington gore sw7 2eu
screening of SLOW GLASS [1988-1991] BY John Smith born 1952- british film maker of wit,power and distinction -who has a retrospective show of his films and videos in the gallery spaces
i shall get to this early at 6ish to have a look round galleries rsvp adviced to be sure of a space via i have booked for all the forthcoming events here- there is a fantastic atmosphere of involved enquiry at these events - last weeks film - the blacktower was a minor masterpiece
from 6.30 pm free booklaunch at nehru centre 8 south audley st w1 [not art show as previously stated in error]

ON TUESDAY 30-3-10
pv 6-8 pm HAUNCH OF VENISON gallery 6 burlington gardens w1
THOMAS HEATHERWICK - i shall be here at about 5.55pm
pv 6.30 - 9pm A and D gallery 51 chiltern st w1 NATHLYN BAPTISTE paintings i hope to get to this later - i really like the gallerists here - and this should be a good show

6-7 PM Free talk at Aicon gallery 8 heddon st w1 between artists david blandy and shezad dalwood -
pv 6-8 pm Simon Lee gallery 12 berkeley st w1 ENRIQUE MARTINEZ CELAVA i will be here at 6pm
pv 6-8 pm Bischoff / Weiss gallery 14a hay hill w1j 8nz Louise Thomas - everybody is a lake GAINSBOROUGH-LIKE PORTRAITS i may pop in here briefly before going to the barbican for benjamin brittens war requiem recital with my wife
pv 6.30 -9 pm cell project space gallery 258 cambridge heath road e2 cecille canderelli - installations

pv 6-8pm Idea generation gallery 11 chance st e2 7jb off redchurch st
- right but wrong - music album art by STORM THORGERSON [ led zapplin ,pink floyd, genesis, 10cc, peter gabriel et al]- this should be a lively evening best to rsvp
pv 6-9 nettie horn gallery 25b vyner st e2 marko maetamm
pv 6-9 pm vegas gallery45 vyner st e2 give it a name - group show
pv 6-9 PM SUBWAY GALLERY kiosk 1 edgware rd tube underpass
robert gordon mcharg
pv 6.30-9pm colomb art gallery 52a george st w1 group show
8pm network agency launch - art co'op - hungarian cultural centre 10 maiden lane covent garden wc2 rsvp needed on this via web site
from 7 pm performance night at rokeby gallery 5-9 hatton wall ec1n 8hx -i like this gallery
6-9 pm first thursday mamoth east end gallery openingevening
redchurch st e1 and vyner st e2 the best locations
hopefully at 6pm -9pm ish ART WARS PROJECT SPACE EVENING SHOW 23 redchurch st e2 - EBB AND FLOE -MARTIN SEXTON ice sculPture images - ROBERT ROBERTSON FILM - THE RIVER WALKS - and JAMES WHITE - glass /mineral/dust /paintings - if we can get it all together in time if not loads going on in redchurch st - gallery open night 6-9 pm its a great road for art

FRIDAY 2-4-10
pv 6.30-9 ish madame lillies gal 10 casanove rd stoke newington richard beard - paintings and sound works
from 7pm till late soundart night at muse at 269 gallery 269 portobello rd w11 martin smith sound artist and others - this is a very friendly place with good company costs five squid
HAPPY EASTER me off to oxford to stay with my daughter - so will miss the oxford cambridge boat race annual picnic - on the river thames 3-4-10 saturday

pv 6.15 pm NEHRU CENTRE 10 south audley st w1 - art and design from Goa followed by indian dance performance at 7 pm - i hope to be at these events - beautiful space and friendly company

pv 6-8 pm RAG FACTORY gallery 16 heneage st e1 5lj group show
6.30 pm to 8.30 pm ex london arts students monthly get together at ICA the mall -sw1 i may go to this - its usually a jolly evening with good company

pv 6-8 pm haunch of venison gallery 6 burlington gardens w1 RINA BaNERJEE forever&foreign paintings i will be here at 6
pv 6.30 to 9pm AICON GALLERY 8 heddon st w1 - undivided and indivisible - group show of asian artists i will look in here too
pv 6.30 to 8.30 pm south london gallery 65 peckham rd se5 JESSICA WARBOYS film and video work -
pv 6-8 pm CALVERT 22 GALLERY 22 CALVERT AVE E2 DISTANCE AND SENSIBILITY - - this is a superb architect designed gallery on 2 floors - their last show of russian and east europian artists was superb

ON FRIDAY 9-4-10
pv 6-8 pm LAURA BARTLETT GALLERY 10 northington st wc1n 2jg FRANCESCO BAROCCO i hope to get to this- i like this gallery
pv 6-9 pm BEARSPACE SE1
pv 6-9pm AGENCY GALLERY 66 evelyn st se8
6-9.30 TATE LATE at TATE BRITAIN MILLBANK SW1 lots of arty events

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

extra art events from 24-3-10 plus correction from richard

dear artpops
here are a few extra events that i omitted previously plus a correction
pv= art opening party - all welcome no invitation needed see my netsite

pv 6-8 pm at MODERN ART 23 eastcastle st w1 jacqueline humphries excellent gallery - i always look at the shows here but not usually on the pv night

pv 6-8 pm at OREL ART UK 7 howith place sw1p 1bb Moscow partisan conceptualism not weds as previously stated - i phoned to confirm this- i am going to look in here
pv 6-8 pm at ALISON JACQUES GALLERY 16 Berners St W1 Tomory Dodge - paintings rich looking paintings in a beautifully designed space

ON FRIDAY 26-3-10
12 to 3pm fordham gallery stal 31 market at whitecross st ec1 ROY VOSS unique gallery market stall situation
pv 6-8 pm at BOOKART BOOKSHOP 17 Pitfield st n1 6hb photography by Sarojini Lewis - i really like this shop - it has great artists publications- and good company - i may be here at 6 pm

7PM to late LAST MISSION performance night at missionartsclub 91 eastway e9 5ja
lots of musical and artistic performance - see

ON TUESDAY 30-3-10
pv 6-8 pm HAUNCH OF VENISON GALLERY 6 burlington gardens w1 THOMAS HEATHERWICK - SPUN one of the grandest and most beautiful spaces in london - i will be here at 5.50

7pm free talk by GUY BRETT at RAVEN ROW GALLERY 56 artillery lane e1 guy was the times art critic in the 60s - he has a brilliant take on worldwide art particularly africa and south america - he is a lovely approachable and modest man - this should be a fascinating talk -in the art show space - free but you have to book
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Sunday, 21 March 2010

free art events from 22-3-10 from richard

dear art pops
here are a few extra events for this week which i omitted last time plus next weeks events
- my new blog website address is
pv= art opening show party - all welcome no invitations needed

ON MONDAY 22-3-10
at 3.30 pm i am going to RUDOLPH STEINER HOUSE 35 park road nw1 6xt to meet up with MARTIN SEXTON and his ongoing art show there - 'extinction of the magicians- return of the magi' the should be a revealing and shamanistic encounter in an institution i have longed to visit - steiner was a strong influence on JOSEPH BEUYS one of my art heros and a strong force in early education quarters Martin's show ends this week catch it while you can
from 6pm JERWOOD space 171 union st se1 free artists round table discussion on the curent art show

ON TUESDAY 23-3-10
pv 6-8 pm pittshanger manor gallery walpole park mattock lane ealing w5 seq PORTALS - GROUP show - this is a very well curated art space in a house designed and lived in by sir john soanes - i have always enjoyed their shows here -

7-9 pm discussion and film night at ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART next to albert hall
film screening of- the BLACK TOWER - in the curating dept show about JOHN SMITH filmmaker - free event but rsvp needed - i always like to go to these curating shows at the royal college - they have interesting lines of attack towards art trends and ongoing practises
6.30 to 8.30pm ROYAL BRITISH SOCIETY OF SCULPTORS 108 old brompton road sw7 3ra
free talk by 3 sculptors-Wayne Chisnall - Susan Forsyth and Linda Johns first in a series of 6 monthly sculptors talks
6-8 pm pv OREL ART UK 7 HOWITH PLACE SW1P 1BB - moscow partisan conceptualism - irina nakhova- pavel pepperstein - best to phone on this one as i have nt confirmed the pv date with the gallery yet- but i am very interested in seeing this - the show proper starts thursday

pv 6-8 pm WHITE CUBE gallery 48 hoxton square n1 Eberhard Havekost - guest cold beer outside - very weather dependant- i 'll see the show another day

ON FRIDAY 26-3-10
6-10 PM LATE night at VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM south kensington sw1 theme is GAMES - lots of events throughout the evening - i want to see the Quilt exhibition here
6-9 pm late night at NATIONAL GALLERY trafalgar square -free music

3PM artists guided tour of 176 GALLERY 176 PRINCE OF WALES rd nw1 - THE LIBRARY OF BABEL - group show of artfrom the marvelous Zabludwicz collection
this is a marvelous space in a massive old church with a labyrinth of rooms - and art ranging from major million dollar work to sometimes just as intrigueing stuff purchased at degree shows - - the show references luis borges great short story about the universe as an infinite library - from the story collection labyrinths - i really enjoyed the show and talking to the staff here- nice cafe too

ON SUNDAY 28-3-10
12-6 PM free films by ELIJA -LISA AHTILA - PARASOL UNIT 14 Wharf rd n1 7rw
finnish filmaker with bergman-like pschological insights- she had a major retrospective at tate britain 7 years ago which i saw - also her talk can be picked up again by googling tate archived lectures - i will allow a couple of hours for this after the gym

ON MONDAY 29-3-10
pv 6.15 pm the art of goa- group show followed by indian dance presentation - NEHRU CENTRE 8 south audley st w1 i will go to this - you meet lovely people here - nice atmosphere in a beautiful venue

ON TUESDAY 30-3-10
pv 6-8.30 pv POUSSIN at DELFINA celebrating paintings by DAVID LENDRUM delfina 50 bermondsey st se1 - abstract lyrical brush- mark paintings in abstract expressionist mode - shown in luxury restaurent / arts centre

pv 6-8 pm SIMON LEE GALLERY 12 Berkeley st w1 Enrique martinez celava - the open i will go here prior to going to brittens war requiem at the barbican with my wife
pv 6.30-9 pm - the russian club 340 kingsland rd e8 4da kate davis and roy voss
pv 6-9 pm camden arts center arkright rd nw3 6dg - angela de la cruz and anna maria maiolina
should be good shows - this is a great venue
pv 6-8 pm ELEVEN SPITALFIELDS gallery 11 princelet st e1 6qh
CONSTRUCT - group show

6-9 PM EAST END GALLERIES late night opening FIRST THURSDAY redchurch street e1 and vyner st e2 have lotsof galleries in a small area - so are the best locations - party atmosphere should prevail
pv 6-8.30 chelsea space 16 john islip st sw1 chelsea art college gallery next to tate britain

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

art events from 15-3-10 from richard

dear art pops
since alot of people have not been getting my e mails due to various spam filter devises i am now putting my art events information additionally onto a blog which can be accessed by everyone via so here is the art information for this week and next week
pv= art show opening party- all welcome with no invitations needed

ON MONDAY 15-3-10
artists talk and exhibition launch from 7pm ROYAL INSTITUTION 21 albermarle st w1 Brandel Ballergee - images from the animal world - this is a very prestigious organisation - that has recently spent millions upgrading their premises- [with great cafe attached ] - which look magnificent -i may pop in here late
from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm free talk at ROYAL SOCIETY 6 carlton terrace sw1 - cognition and evolution -by eminent oxford prof of neoro science - see i shall be here early at 5.45 to be sure of a seat

ON TUESDAY 16-3-10
pv 6-8 pm marlborough gallery 6 albermarle st w1 PAUL HODGSON - paintings this gallery may like you to rsvp
pv 6-8pm waddington gallery cork st w1 BARRY FLANAGAN recently deceased brilliant uk sculptor, famous for his hares
pv 6-8 pm flowers gallery 21 cork st w1 TAI-SHAN SCHIERENBERG -well executed figurative paintings -
pv 6-8 pm lisson gallery 29 bell st nw1 tony cragg - top british sculptor of some class - i have a work of his in my backgarden which i bought from homebase
pv 6-30 to 8-30pm muese gallery 269 portobello rd w11
pv 6-8 pm olyvia fine art 17 ryder st sw1 ANDY WARHOL portraits prints and films
pv 6-8 pm timothy taylor gallery 15 carlos place w1 CHRISTOPHER HANLON

pv 6-8 pm sadie coles gallery 69 south audley st w1 DAVID KORTY -paintings
pv 6.30 to 9 pm austrian culturalforum 28 rutland gate sw7 1pq deniz sozen be longing - multimedia exhibition exploring the notion of belonging and cultural translation
pv 6-8 pm alan cristea gallery cork st w1 ANNI ALBERS bauhaus artist prints i will check this out - i am a great bauhaus fan
7pm exhibition launch siobhan davies studios 85 st georges rd se1 6er parellel voices - missing link - interesting looking light installation - i should like to check this space out - its new to me
pv 6-8 pm centre for recent drawing 2 highbury station rd n1 - mary yacoob - drawings

pv 6-8pm gallery 32 - brazillian embassey gallery 32 green st w1 daniel senise - collage paintings i shall be here at 6 before moving on
pv 6-8 pm alexia goethe gallery 7 dover st w1 - valerie jolly -
i shall pop in here
pv 6-8.30 pm chelsea space 16 john islip st sw1 group show i like this gallery - very good curating here - its next to tate britain
pv 6-8 pm rod barton gallery one paget st ec1 - bas van den hurk
pv 6-8 studio 1-1 57a redchurch st e2 - jeremy willett
pv 7-9 pm gooden gallery 25a vyner st e2 9dg- ian johnson sculptures

ON FRIDAY 19-3-10
pv 6-8 pm hauser and wirth gallery 196 piccadilly w1 bharti kher
pv 6-9 pm danielle arnaud gallery 123 kennington road se11 - paulette phillips film installation - one of my favourite gallery spaces in a beautiful private home i will be here at 6 before dashing off to a bach concert at south bank
pv 6-9 pm limoncello gallery 15a cremer st e2 - matthew smith
pv 6-9 pm yinka shonibare project space 1 andrews rd e8 - group show - the skinned city
pv 6-9 pm five years gallery unit 66 6th floor regents studios 8 andrews rd e8 group show organised by HARRY PYE - who is a great art chap

pv 6-9 pm wilkinson gallery 50 vyner st e2 painting show

RECOMMENDED from weds 17-3-10 to 21-3-10 EQUINOX group show at the famous pub art venue THE FOUNDRY 84 great eastern st ec2a 3jl - old st tube station
artists include famous art pops and not so famous - marko stepanov,jill rock,brendan quick,jan maat.mali.richard niman roy osborne,peter khalkhof, john churchill ,jason gibillaro,justin hedley,oliver dungey, lewis martin and richard martin [ collaboration between me and my son] et more - this remarkable art space is soon to close and turned into a hotel complex - catch it while you can -
At Foundary on Saturday 20-3-10 8pm ROBERT ROBERTSON free film show - the river walks
starring CALUM KERR / STEVE MICALLEF / DAVID MADELLA / NOEL / JACK CATLING/THE JERICHO ORCHESTRA - i shall be here - celebrating the start of spring and ecstatic nature - the theme of the art show - should be a highly artful evening

ON MONDAY 22-3-10
pv 6.30- 9 pm colombart 52a george st marylebone w1 benjamin davies - paintings -

ON TUESDAY 23-3-10
pv 6.30 to 8.30 pm italian cultural institute 39 belgrave square sw1- DYNAMIC CITIES - photo paintings by lisa borgiani and massimo nidini - rsvp needed for this
pv 6.30- 9 pm L-13 GALLERY billy childish bombs and buddhism
6-9 pm performance by jordan mckenzie at kaleid 23 redchurch st e2 7dj

pv 6-9 pm civic room 50 acton mews e8 4ea NEWTON SUMMER

pv 6-8 pm flowers east gallery 82 kingsland rd e2 8dp PETER HOWSON - works on paper -
scottish realist and former war artist - very tallented nice guy
pv 6-8.30 chelsea space16 john islip st sw1 next to tate britain previous shows revisited
pv 6-8 pm delfina foundation 29 catherine place sw1e 6dy nathaniel rackowe - very interesting architectural sculptural installations
pv 6-9 pm TELEVISED group art show at THE HARE pub 505 cambridge heath rd e2 9bu artists mark mcgowan, geraldine ryan,simon auld, paul sakoilsky fly poster art the pub [ with permission of the landlord] i have art works by all these artists and can vouch for their quality - i may get here latish
6-9 pm booklaunch kaleid 23 redchurch st e2 LUBOK - book of woodcut prints at bargain price - i may get it- sounds good but you need to take a look - i realy like the lady who runs the shop - she is a real enthusiast

ON FRIDAY 26-3-10
pv 6-9 pm ww gallery 30 queenstownrd e5 8nn
pv 6-8ish james taylor gallery collent st e9 6sq

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